Betsy at Grand Canyon
Hi! I'm Betsy

I felt called to enter the online world after the death of my 10th child January 5, 2018.  

I knew the message of his brief life was to "Let Yourself Be Loved." My own life has been a journey to believe in my own goodness and worthiness through many unexpected losses and blessings.  Little did I know it would be the loss of my baby that held the most profound lesson of all.  

I am married to the fine Dr. Ralph and together we have 10 children -- 5 of mine, 4 of his, and our one beautiful baby boy who is no longer with us.   We found our way to each other after enduring death, divorce, and adultery.  My faith in God through the Catholic Church is the cornerstone of my life.  My day to day world brings endless opportunities to surrender my will and trust that the Lord is with me and my family. By nature I am an emotional extroverted introvert who cries daily, loves to sing, read, and be in the fresh air with my family. 


I would love to connect with you!

Thank you for reaching out!